The Great Escape 


Jason was going to get out and help her with her bags, but even before he could touch the door handle, she was in the passengers seat. Keeping the smile off of his face was almost impossible. He couldn’t help it. Things were just always better when Lily was around, easier even. “Maybe this isn’t a good idea then. I wouldn’t want to have to drop you off alongside the highway in Nevada,” he joked, giving her his winning smile. 

“You sure you have everything?” he asked for the second time. She was always a big complainer and he wasn’t planning on sitting next to her in a small car for hours while she complains about leaving her favorite sneakers at home. After her insisting she had everything, he pulled out of the driveway, around the cul-de-sac and out of the fenced in Orange County neighborhood. It would be nice to get some different surroundings for once. Everything in Fountain Valley looked the same. It was getting old. Jason couldn’t wait to be on the open road with the next gas station being twenty miles away, as strange as that was.

By this time they were already in the town next to Fountain Valley. He was guessing it was one or so. After a few minutes of channel surfing Jason let out a small breathless sigh and just decided to turn it off. “Hey Lil, theres a navy duffel bag in the back seat, it has my iPod in it, can you get it for me?”

"As long as it’s Vegas, you can drop me off there. I can become a stripper or something, living the life y’know?" Lily joked, rolling her eyes. She knew he wouldn’t drop her off anywhere. Not because she wasn’t annoying, everyone got annoying every once in a while. But because she didn’t think he could live without his best friend, and she thought the same. To be honest, she didn’t know what she was going to do when they went to college. She felt like they were going to be so far apart, and she might lose her best friend. College changed people, and with all of those new people she might just be replaced. Not that she’d ever voice these concerns to the blonde sitting beside her. 

"Yes, I’m 100% sure. And besides, even if I could always buy whatever I need." She watched in the mirror as her house became smaller and smaller, fading into the sun. They had never really said where they were going, or how long they’d be driving around. But she didn’t care really. What she wanted was a nice summer with her best friend. Although, it’d probably be a good idea to know where they were going to stop for the night. "So, how far are we driving today?" She asked, turning to look at Jason. 

"You better have some amazing music in there, otherwise we’re putting on my music!" Lily said, sticking her tongue out. Sighing, she reached into the bag looking for the small device. She couldn’t find it at first, but she did find a notebook. Taking that out, she continued looking for the IPod. "Here," she said thrusting it at Jason. "But tell me," she started, revealing the notebook, "is this a diary? Can I read it?" She asked, fingering the cover.

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The Great Escape 


Summer was finally here and the weather was hot. Jason whipped away the small trickle of sweat on his forehead as he turned the corner into the neighborhood where Lily lived. The sun-visor wasn’t much helping blocking the sun, nor were his aviators. The sun was peaking through every hole and nook to find its way into Jason’s eyes.

The neighborhood was all too familiar to him, but in a good way. Lily lived here her whole life, the same neighborhood, the same road, the same two-story house. Jason had been here an uncountable amount of times, seeing as Lily was his closest friend. 

As he pulled into the paved driveway alongside the house, he pressed down on the horn three times to signal Lily that he was hear. Not that he didn’t want to go inside. It was just that once Lily’s parents found out about their summer plans they weren’t really excited about them. But it wasn’t like they could stop her from going, she was eighteen. She was in charge of her own future now.

Summer. The one word that could always put Lily in a good mood. Going to the beach, tanning, relaxing, hanging with friends. She lived for those things in the summer. But the heat did sometimes get to her. This summer was going to be different. Ever since they were little, Lily and her best friend Jason had agreed to go on a road trip once they graduated high school. A last hurrah before they had to buckle down and actually start growing up a bit. 

Lily’s home life was, well it was terrible to say the least. Her dad was a controlling alcoholic who abused her mother. Day after day she would have to listen to the yelling and the crying. Her dad never hit her though, but the damage was done. She hated her father, and every day she would count down the days until she graduated. Until she never had to see his face again. He didn’t even want Lily going to college. He wanted her to live with him forever so he could control every aspect of her life until she died. So when she brought up the subject of a summer road trip with Jason, who both her parents loved, he went ballistic. For the first time ever, he hit her. She had to stay home from school that week, nursing a black eye. She didn’t tell Jason because she knew he’d automatically cancel any plans they had for the summer. It wasn’t stopping her though.

Hearing the car horn, she knew Jason was outside. Lily picked up her suitcase and duffle bag and ran down the stairs. “Bye mom and dad! See you!” She called, running out the door before anyone could stop her. A wide, toothy, grin came across her face as she ran to Jason’s car. “Well hello there loser,” she said with a giggle. “I  don’t know if we’ll be able to stand being with you for long periods of time, let alone in a confined space. I might have to kill you while we’re on this trip.” She smiled. Throwing her bags into the trunk, she got into the passenger’s seat. “Well?” she asked, throwing on her back Ray Bans to protect her eyes from the beaming sun. “What are you waiting for? Let’s goooo!”